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Digital StoriesWhat are digital stories?

The Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan (ITC), Anishnaabek Healing Circle Sowing the Seeds of Recovery collection includes of over fifty first-person recovery stories, 3-5 minutes in length, told by the indigenous people of Michigan using our voices.  Story telling is a powerful tool for healing; people who have watched the stories describe the experience as transformative.  We collected the stories with the purpose of engaging and educating tribal communities about the healing journey of recovery from addiction.  The stories bring a message of hope and healing.  All of the storytellers have consented to sharing their story on this web site for educational purposes.


The stories are an excellent tool that can be used in a variety of settings: as an educational presentation at a workshop; at a community event; as a recovery support group activity or in a local tribal film fest.  The stories can be used in an individual counseling session; they can also be viewed at home, alone or with family and friends. The stories are also appropriate for use by a variety of professionals such as health educators, substance abuse counselors, social workers, educators, etc.  They are very effective when used by peers and community members in all stages of recovery. These short stories help participants see themselves through the people or situations in the story.

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Sowing the Seeds of Recovery

The Anishnaabek Healing Circle has a total of 54 digital stories.  If you click on the link above you will view them all continuously.  If you would like to view an individual story, click on a name to the right to view the story.   








To view Individual Stories, click on the title below:

A Gift from the Old Ones - Donnie Sumners

A Gift of Love - Linda Woods

Abandon All Hope of a Better Past - B. Tibbetts 

About a Journey - Dottie Batchelder

Acceptance - Melissa Waitner

Accepting Life's Journey - Arlene Naganashe 

AHA - Timothy J. Derwin

Alcohol Lies - Maria Harper 

Alcohol the Wrong Road - Donald Stolp Sr. 

Another Way Out - Karen Alexander

Awaken - T. Johnson

Baamaapii - Kristie Johnson 

Building a New Life - Barbara Raphael

Canoe Keeper's Song - Terri Tavenner 

Choices - Delores Wonesgeshik 

Coming Home - Ron Wittenberg

Crawling/ Walking / Soaring - Marty Curtis 

First Year - Raymond Elwart 

Find a Quiet Place - Hunter Genia 

Free Your Spirts from Alcohol - Gerald Fisher 

Full Circle - Jerry Lee Curtis 

 Full Circle - Norman Pigeon 

Gambling - R.D. Curtis Jr. 

Giwani Prairie Chicken - Jeff Ballew III

Gratitude is Everything -Billi Jo Russell 

Grief's Healing Journey - Janice Shalifoe 

Healing and Forgiveness - Joanne Cook

Healing Waters - Linda Woods 

Heart Spirit - Shirley Houle 

HOPE (Hold on. Pain ends) - William Wilson

I Surrender! - Loretta Castaneda 

It's a Good Day to LIVE - Jeff Ballew II 

Journey of Survival - D. Kostus 

Joseph's Journey - J. Gravelle

Life is Never Ending! - D. Rogers 

Lost and Found - Stephanie Ballew 

Love Should Never Hurt - Dana Greensky 

Mishiikhen - Ambrose Peshlakai 

Moccasins on a Tightrope - Lisa Brunk 

Morning Lightning - Chris Ballew 

Nii WabaKwe Omaa Akii - Donnie Shalifoe

October 9th, 2010 - Sara Rhines 

One More Down Pass It Around - M.Pigeon 

Sacred and Sober - Robert "Ray Jack" Rajacic 

Seeking Balance - D. Durfee

Sobriety - R.D.Curtis Jr. 

Starting Within - Carrie Paquette 

Tears of Joy - Cecelia Miller

The Red Ride to the Red Road - A. Castaneda

Through it All - Selah - Helen Hillman 

Tony's Song - Tony Davis 

Using the Tools of Our Ancestors - F. Sprague

Walking in Two Worlds - Arlene Kashata 

Water Spirit - Eva Petoskey 

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