For Providers

Working with Tribal Access and Care Coordination Centers 


The twelve federally recognized tribes in Michigan and one urban Indian Health Center located in Detroit, as well as four limited Access Center across service area that act as ATR Access and Care Coordination Centers, and as clinical treatment and recovery support providers (See map, Contacts Section).

The Tribal Access Center provides care coordination services. The ATR network providers offer clinical treatment and recovery support services. The Tribal Access Center and the provider(s) that the client chooses complete Qualified Service Agreements in order to share information and to provide coordination of care. The Care Coordinator assigned by the Tribal Access Center will work with the provider to ensure that GPRA data collection is complete and will act as a resource and advocate to locate and access ancillary services for the client. The Care Coordinator also requests and shares vouchers with any provider the client chooses to work with. The more closely the Care Coordinator and the provider(s) work together, the more likely the client will be able to successfully navigate the system and take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the Anishnaabek Healing Circle Program.