For Participants


The Anishnaabek Healing Circle Model 


The purpose of Phase I:  Phase I clients have positive screening scores, but they are not ready to have a full clinical assessment or to consider treatment. These ATR III participants are screened, a GPRA intake is completed, and they are registered as clients for ATR Phase I services.  The focus of Phase I is on developing readiness. (Note: Readiness can be addressed at all phases.)   Motivational services and peer coaching can be provided along with limited transportation support for attending ATR Phase I activities. 

The purpose of Phase II:  Phase II is the action phase; a person is actively engaged in clinical treatment. Completing a clinical assessment and beginning treatment based on the assessment is the definition of "actively engaged" for the purposes of assigning an ATR III client to Phase II.  Phase II clients have access to a full range of clinical and recovery support vouchers.

The purpose of Phase III:  Phase III clients have positive retrospective screening scores or have positive scores at intake and then move from Phase II to Phase III.  Phase III clients are in recovery but could relapse.  This includes people in all stages of recovery from early to long-term sustained recovery. Motivational services and peer coaching can be provided along with a full array of individualized recovery support services. 

Contingency Management:  Every service and support you receive is directly tied to your willingness to be actively involved in your journey to wellness.  The more work you do to achieve and then maintain a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, the more access you will have to activities and material support.  All services and support must be directly tied to your individual recovery management plan.  Your Care Coordinator will work with you to identify supports, reward successes, and to be there if you stumble. We want you to succeed.