For Providers

Basic Requirements for Recovery Support Providers

Cultural resource people must be recognized and sanctioned by their tribal communities. All persons providing cultural healing/teaching services to Anishnaabek Healing Circle ATR clients must be authorized as providers under a collaborating tribal umbrella.

Faith-based resource people/programs will be recognized and sanctioned by their respective faith communities.

If required by Tribal or State law or policy, organizations and individuals will be licensed by the State of Michigan or under Tribal Codes for the services they are providing.

If an individual service provider has less than one year of experience working with Native American clients, he/she must provide documentation of at least six hours of cultural competence training dealing specifically with Michigan tribal history and culture. This documentation must be submitted to ITC within 60 days of becoming an approved provider.

Special Note to potential Recovery Support Providers: We strongly encourage culturally-based and faith-based recovery support providers to apply to the Anishnaabek Healing Circle Network. The assistance provided must be as diverse as the people seeking assistance. Many paths lead to the road of recovery; we honor anyone who chooses to step onto the path. If you, as an organization or as an individual have skills to support mental, physical, spiritual or emotional recovery, please consider becoming a provider in the Anishnaabek Healing Circle Network. We are looking for peer recovery support providers, for cultural resource people, for pastoral counselors, for mentors, for local groups that already provide drug and alcohol-free activities in the community.  We encourage individuals to contact the local tribe’s ATR Liaison at the behavioral health department and work with them to come under the tribal umbrella of ATR service providers.