Recovery Coach Institute (RCI)


The Anishaabek Healing Circle ATR Recovery Coach Institute is the culmination of effort on the part of many, many people, over many, many years.  Beginning with Nbwakawn, Circles of Care and continuing through numerous CSAT Targeted Capacity Expansions and Strengthening Minorities Communities grants, the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan and 12 collaborating tribes (joined recently by the American Indian Health and Family Services, Detroit Urban Indian Center) have planned and implemented substance abuse treatment and recovery support services for Native American and for their families. 


The Recovery Coach Institute is an outcome of those years of dreaming and planning: to bring back local community people, in recovery, to do what healthy Anishnaabek people have always done---to become the mentors and helpers and an extended family of clean and sober support for our brothers and sisters who struggle still with the deceiving spirit of addiction. 


Chi Miigwetch for all those who have struggled:  the generations will be richer for your sacrifice, and richer still for the stories of survival and resilience you share with one another. 


Special thanks to SAMHSA for the funding and technical assistance through Altarum Institute that has made the Recovery Coach Institute possible: to ATR Project Officer Enid Osborne and Altarum TA from Melanie Ogleton and Melissa Connolly.  Thanks to the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan and the Michigan Tribal Behavioral Health Communications Network for their true collaboration and support for Anishnaabek Healing Circle Access to Recovery projects.Thanks to the ATR/ITC staff, who each played a part in making the RCI a reality:  to Donelda, Lori, Aagii, Sheila, Cora, Connie, Terri and Eva.  And many thanks to the RCI workgroup and consultants:  Sue Gustafson, Julie McKelvie, R.D. Curtis, Linda Woods, Arlene Kashata who, along with ATR staff, met over many months to advise, mentor, research, sort through stacks and stacks and stacks of material and to define what a recovery coach can do and how they can fit into the circle of care that is the Anishnaabek Healing Circle.   

Recovery Coach Institute Training Material