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How a Client Enters and Moves Through the System


There is no “wrong door” for entry into the Anishnaabek Healing Circle Program. Clients may be self-referred or referred through any other avenue – tribal programs, other network providers, courts, social services and other sources.

Thirteen tribal sites serve as ATR Access and Care Coordination Centers. These Centers are responsible for determining client eligibility by performing an initial screening. If the screening shows an alcohol or other drug problem, the client is registered for the program, given a unique client ID# (that will follow them throughout multiple episodes of care). 

Service vouchers are requested based on the clinical assessment and client readiness  (Phase I, II, or III).  ITC authorizes the service voucher and the client is given a list of available options and service providers for the appropriate level of care. The location and contact information for all providers in the network is available for download from this website: refer to the “Contacts/Links” section.

The ATR Tribal Access and Care Coordination Center assigns a Care Coordinator who advocates for the client, helps the client navigate the system, provides case management and is responsible for seeing that the GPRA data is collected and reported appropriately. The access center is responsible for requesting vouchers, sharing vouchers with other providers, and case managing with all providers the client works with throughout their stay in ATR.

The client chooses the clinical treatment and/or recovery support provider(s) they will work with. The client may elect to receive services from the same tribal program where they were assessed, and are encouraged to do so. Client choice may be between agencies, or it may be between counselors within the same agency or organization.

The client chooses a treatment provider, makes an appointment and begins treatment within 30 days of the assessment. Based on the treatment and recovery support plan, the client receives services and is discharged after successful completion of the ATR program. Client outcomes are measured with the GPRA tool at intake and at 6-month post intake.