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GPRA Requirements


GPRA (Government Performance and Results Act) reporting requirements are mandated by the grant. Funding will be pulled from the ATR program by the federal funding agency if GPRA requirements are not met.

Each client enrolled in the program must have a GPRA form completed at the time of assessment into the program (Intake), at discharge from ATR-funded services (Discharge) and at 6 months post Intake date (6 Month Follow-up).

The grant mandates a minimum 80% completion rate for 6-month follow-up GPRA interviews.

Collecting the GPRA is an assigned responsibility (and a reimbursable voucher expense). The Tribal Access and Care Coordination Center is responsible for collecting the GPRA.  The 6-month follow-up GPRA is critically important to complete. Primary counselors/providers are expected to cooperate fully to pro-actively track clients and complete the GPRA interviews within the established timelines. Tier 2 providers working with a client are expected to fully cooperate with the Care Coordinator to find and interview the client.

Training on GPRA will be available through ITC, as will technical assistance on tracking, collecting and reporting.