For Participants

Get Care Coordination


You are not expected to enter the Anishnaabek Healing Circle alone. You will have a Care Coordinator assigned to you from the beginning and staying with you throughout your journey. Your Care Coordinator will be someone from the tribal community who is knowledgeable about community supports, about where the local resources are located and who the clinical treatment and recovery support network providers are in your neighborhood.

Your Care Coordinator will stay in contact with you by phone and in person and will check on how you are doing with your Treatment and Recovery Management Plan. Your Care Coordinator will also work with the providers you have chosen to make sure you are getting the services you need and make sure any necessary changes are made to your plan so you can continue to grow and heal.

Your Care Coordinator will ensure that the grant requirements for your participation in the Anishnaabek Healing Circle Program are met. This includes working with you to complete a GPRA interview six months after you enter the program.  This interview must be done so we can maintain the federal funding that pays for the three-year program. The GPRA – Follow-up interview is one of the few things we ask from you in return for the services and support you will receive.