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ATR Voucher System and How it Works


The electronic voucher system reimburses the provider for services the client uses, based on their individual treatment and recovery support plan. Once a person becomes an ATR client, some vouchers are automatically generated.  Others must be requested, depending on the phase of treatment the person is currently assessed at. 

The 13 tribal Access and Care Coordination Centers are the gateways to ATR.  The access centers request vouchers for their clients and share vouchers with any other Tier 1 or Tier 2 network provider(s) the client is working with.   Voucher training is provided by ITC to existing and new providers.

The Anishnaabek Healing Circle offers the following vouchers:

Voucher Type Clinical        

  • Access and Care Coordination (Tribes only)
  • Motivational Development & Readiness (Tribes only)
  • Care Coordination
  • Early/Brief Intervention
  • Outpatient Treatment  
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Non-Hospital Based Residential (30 days) 
  • Sub-Acute Detox ( 3 to 5 days)
  • Mental Health and Co-Occurring  

Voucher Type Recovery Support  

  • Medical Services
  • Housing Support
  • Employment/ Education Support 
  • Peer Recovery Resources
  • Family/ Parenting Services
  • Health & Global Wellness
  • Spiritual & Cultural Support
  • Transportation
  • Transitional Living Facilities (30 to 60 days)
  • Financial / Basic Needs
  • Legal Support